TSUBAME KFC (Big Data) and SONY Xperia (Small Data) Ranked #1 on the Green Graph500 Benchmark.

greengraph500-SC13_big1st greengraph500-SC13_small1st
The second Green Graph 500 list was announced at the SC|13 conference in Denver, Colorado, USA. The Green Graph 500 list collects energy-aware performance using TEPS per one watt in the big graph data computing, where TEPS is the number of ‘Traversed edges per second’ in graph processing which used by Graph500 list. In the Green Graph 500 list, benchmark results are divided into two lists (big data and small data) according to the size of graphs. We top two lists and smash through 6 MTEPS/W and 150MTESP/W in the big data category and small data category, respectively.

On big data category, the TSUBAME KFC which is a prototype of the TSUBAME 3.0 supercomputer at the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center (GSIC) in Tokyo Institute of Technology, archives 6.72 MTEPS/W and first position that instead of IBM supercomputer Blue Gene/Q for data intensive computing.
Moreover, we keep the first position in the small category of the Green Graph500 list. In particular, the SONY Xperia-A SO-04E Smartphone achieves 153.17 MTEPS/W, which boosts power efficiency by 2.4 times that of the Tegra-3 based ASUS Android tablet that is the first position of the first Green Graph list. It means that we need just one watt to perform the graph search and traverse 153 million edges per second.